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But I was sad. I could not identify my purpose. I felt like we were spending more money than we were earning and I could not understand why. This move was supposed to be a good financial move for us and our life was suppose to get better. My husband was away, far more days than he was at home. I do not blame him at all because he was just doing his job, as a provider and he wanted us to be apart of the basketball experience. I just needed to figure things out, so that I did not build up resentment.

Soooo…one night, while crying myself to sleep, I had made my mind up that If I was going to be a Coach’s wife, I would be as supportive as I could be. History was also beginning sports, which helped with introducing us to more families. There was a family that we grew significantly close to: The husband was an ETSU graduate and History’s soccer coach. He had the absolute sweetest wife and although their son was a year older than History, it did not hinder our connection. The more connections and relationships I built, the more comfortable I became with the move and it seemed that I just needed to be more openminded and optimistic. Johnson City is where this Coach’s wife began to evolve and where the “Crazy Lunch Lady” was created.

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So picture this...your husband comes home and asks, “How would you respond if I told you I had a job offer?” What would your response be?? Well I was asked that question, and me being me, I responded with “what do you mean, what would I say?! I would be happy!” My husband then proceeds to say, “What if we had to move?” Because I’m as supportive as I am, I responded, “well where are we moving?” My husband says, “Johnson City, Tennessee!” And this, my friends, was our first move! I was excited, nervous, and overwhelmed.

Can you imagine?! Moving to a different city, with no friends or family?! The first move was the toughest move we have made thus far. It was rough! There is no other way to put it! I cried often and wished that we could just go back home (to Nashville), but this was not an option because I had made a vow to help my husband manifest his dreams into a reality! How crazy was I, to have agreed to this? Although I did not have a lavish career, it was mine! I had worked hard to get to where I was and I had to put it on hold so my husband could pursue his dream job. During this time, I became a ‘professional gummy bear opener’. Please don’t get me wrong, everything I did was out of love, trust and commitment to the journey; although it did not always feel like it at the time.

Ooooo I cried! I cried because I felt as though my husband’s dream was taking off. Johnson City was great! The people were great, the other wives and other coaches were great as well. I worked at a great school with great people. Yet, I was empty. I found myself telling my husband I wanted to go home, often. Everything was about the advancement of my husband and his career. I have amazing friends and they did a great job lifting my spirits, but I wanted to be home. To outsiders, the Collins family was intact because I wouldn’t have it any other way......... To Be continue.

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The most underrated position on the team. The star player who often takes the backseat. The person who tries to hold her ish together when things are crazy. The person who supports, holds the house together, and maintains a smile while doing it all. The person who does without being asked. The person who is acknowledged as the “Coach’s Wife” instead of by her own name. The person who is seen, but often overlooked or unheard.

When Coach can’t figure it out, his wife is the one he looks to for assistance. When a player gets sick, she is the one Coach calls for chicken noodle soup and home remedies. Wifey is the mom to all; not just her own little ones. When Coach recruits, she is likely the first person he introduces the recruit to. Often times, if she isn’t a stay at home mom, she holds a job, while also supporting the efforts of her Coach husband. She is the puzzle piece that always fits.

When Coach has a thing, she’s there; even if it’s last minute. Wifey is the “NO” to her Coach’s bad wardrobe decision. She is present and social at most gatherings. She is the loudest fan at the games, the shoulder when Coach takes a loss and the brain that assists Coach when he is brainstorming ideas. Wifey is also the person Coach ignores when he’s trying to get things done. She is me...I am the Coach’s Wife.

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