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For Better or Better Continued...........

But I was sad. I could not identify my purpose. I felt like we were spending more money than we were earning and I could not understand why. This move was supposed to be a good financial move for us and our life was suppose to get better. My husband was away, far more days than he was at home. I do not blame him at all because he was just doing his job, as a provider and he wanted us to be apart of the basketball experience. I just needed to figure things out, so that I did not build up resentment.

Soooo…one night, while crying myself to sleep, I had made my mind up that If I was going to be a Coach’s wife, I would be as supportive as I could be. History was also beginning sports, which helped with introducing us to more families. There was a family that we grew significantly close to: The husband was an ETSU graduate and History’s soccer coach. He had the absolute sweetest wife and although their son was a year older than History, it did not hinder our connection. The more connections and relationships I built, the more comfortable I became with the move and it seemed that I just needed to be more openminded and optimistic. Johnson City is where this Coach’s wife began to evolve and where the “Crazy Lunch Lady” was created.

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