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Coach’s Wife

The most underrated position on the team. The star player who often takes the backseat. The person who tries to hold her ish together when things are crazy. The person who supports, holds the house together, and maintains a smile while doing it all. The person who does without being asked. The person who is acknowledged as the “Coach’s Wife” instead of by her own name. The person who is seen, but often overlooked or unheard.

When Coach can’t figure it out, his wife is the one he looks to for assistance. When a player gets sick, she is the one Coach calls for chicken noodle soup and home remedies. Wifey is the mom to all; not just her own little ones. When Coach recruits, she is likely the first person he introduces the recruit to. Often times, if she isn’t a stay at home mom, she holds a job, while also supporting the efforts of her Coach husband. She is the puzzle piece that always fits.

When Coach has a thing, she’s there; even if it’s last minute. Wifey is the “NO” to her Coach’s bad wardrobe decision. She is present and social at most gatherings. She is the loudest fan at the games, the shoulder when Coach takes a loss and the brain that assists Coach when he is brainstorming ideas. Wifey is also the person Coach ignores when he’s trying to get things done. She is me...I am the Coach’s Wife.

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