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About me


Married to Basketball


Hi! My name is Lakeya and I am the wife to a college basketball coach, a mother, and former Social Services worker.  My decision to start a blog was due to the experiences that I have had along my journey, so far.  No, I am not as seasoned as most in this lifestyle, but I have been a part of my husband’s journey for 11 plus years now;  so I think this scores me a couple of brownie points. 


Let me begin by giving you a little of our backstory. Picture it, Sicily (In my Sophia voice from Golden Girls)...I met my husband when he was a G.A. (Graduate Assistant) finishing up his Master’s and I was just starting to venture into my Social Services career.  After graduating with his Master’s degree, he began his coaching career at a NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) school as an Assistant Coach.  For two young adults, this was great! We were making decent money, just us two, and no kids. After three seasons, my boyfriend (at that time) left his Assistant Coach position and stepped into a head coaching position at a Junior college.  While his career was progressing, so did our relationship and home life. We had our son; History. We also married and had very little money.  I worked, but please understand Social Service, jobs are not high paying: especially when you have a family.  My husband drove an hour to work every day (gas was like paying a car note) and at the end of our 3rd season at the Junior college; which was a Championship year for us, my husband received a call! WE WERE MOVING! 


Moving; as I would eventually learn, is a way of life, when married to a coach. The initial move was not a bad move at all! It created a closeness with a lot of people that we now consider family.  The move also introduced me to a career change: another fact of life in this lifestyle.  I became an Instructional Assistant at one of the elementary schools.  This may be my most favorite job ever! But after the first move came the second move. Two seasons in and one championship later, we packed our bags and moved further than before. Our second move was our shortest stay.  With this move, I became a stay-at-home mom and wife.  We were introduced to a great family, who we love and are still connected to.   Everything was great! The only downside was the chilling, disrespectful winds of the North.  Our third move was the current move; which brought us back home to Nashville, TN. This move afforded my husband the Head Coach position at my Alma Mater: The Tennessee State University!


As you can see, the title of my blog fits my life. With this blog, I want to share stories, pictures, and ideas with women, like myself, in hopes to help you along your journey as a girlfriend, wife and mother.  It is definitely not easy, but we have fun with it.  This lifestyle is different from most traditional working-class households, where one or both parents work a 9 to 5 and are able to come home nightly to see their family.  I want to be a resource or a place of support for those of you just starting out in this lifestyle. Trust me, no one can prepare you for this lifestyle, but it is helpful when you know someone has been there and done what you are about to go through or are going through. 


I am here for you girrrrl!!!

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