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Marriage brought out a different type of person I never knew was their. It was my “Super Power,” marriage brought out a creative, patient, confident, and gracious wife and mother. It was the thing I never knew I needed. Understand being married is not every woman’s super power. It does not make you non marriage material and it doesn’t define you as a wife. Marriage brought out a more confident wife and mother in me.

Now I didn’t always think this way about marriage, specifically my marriage. Don’t get me wrong I knew I was marrying a coach, but what I didn’t know was how intense the ride was going to be. Growing up as girls we are taught this fairy tale about marriage. You’ll find a husband, have a house, kids, both or one working parent, and you’ll be in the house to eat dinner together at a designated time. Well we all grow up and figure out this is far from the truth. I didn’t know my husband would be gone so often, between road games, practices, and recruiting. I felt alone most times, and figured out I would be doing parenting alone a lot of times. Is this what I wanted out of life? This surely couldn’t go on forever.

I quickly figured out what was going to make my marriage successful and that was to get involved. In order to achieve happiness I had to figure out my own happiness. It wasn’t up to my husband, he was fulfilling his dream. And living in his happiness. But, how was I to do the same? How could I get this happiness? Have this type of Joy? And why was he so damn happy being away from us? I could not figure it out! I shortly discovered who I was as a mother and as a wife. I began getting involved instead of distancing myself, talking to my husband about field trips for our son, which sports to get him involved in, his day, and much more. I found a whole different person. Instead of waiting for my husband to tell me things I would ask questions, I began creating things for my son and I to do on trips, we traveled more, went to the gym, and to my husband’s office. Please understand my husband wanted us around and never displayed being uncomfortable when we were around. He was alway inviting and wanted us to enjoy his career as much as he did. I was so caught up in thinking I was giving up my own identity for his that I would limit myself to being around. In discovering this about our new life. I was able to start embracing what was our new normal. And this ladies is when I realized that marriage gave me a strength that became my “Super Power.”

But together we got plenty power

Nothing I know can break us down

They can't break us down....... Super Power


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Vanessa's waiting on that phone call...... That "We made it safe," phone call. Basketball wives, you know what I'm talking about! That call your husband makes while traveling, when he says, "Hey babe! What are you guys doing?" "Where are the kids?" "How was your day?" "Ok, well I'll call you when we finish shoot around/practice." We all know that call. We just know it's coming! The day will come when Vanessa is tired and feels she can't go on anymore. Kobe will come to her, in her dream and say, "We're ok.... we made it to shoot around!"

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Updated: Feb 2, 2021

  1. Wine (Lot's of it!) or your drink of choice.

  2. Coach's wives (They are in this with you!)

a. Once a month outings (hard one due to Covid right now)

b. Watch party's (get snack's and watch the game with one another)

c. They also help keep up with events going on (husbands forget).

3. Get Involved with team activities (the season is long and only will get longer if you are not involved).

a. If your husband invites you go!

b. Feed the team (send snacks/goodies or have them over for dinner).

c. Most important go to the games.

4. Babysitter (When hubby's off take advantage of it!)

5. Find activities (keep busy)

6. Carry Cash (Parking attendants only take cash)

7. Take an Immune Booster (Elderberry or juicing (lemon, ginger, honey, sprinkled with cayenne pepper). You are around many people during games protect you and your child(ren) immune system.

8. Pamper Yourself (Taking care of everyone else's needs will leave you exhausted)

9. Make sure you leave early enough to find parking ( I get anxious especially in new surroundings).

10. Friends

a.The keep you humble

b. They plan trips to help you escape

c. Shoulder to cry on when life hits.

11.Most importantly be your husbands biggest fan supporter!

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