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For Better or Better

So picture this...your husband comes home and asks, “How would you respond if I told you I had a job offer?” What would your response be?? Well I was asked that question, and me being me, I responded with “what do you mean, what would I say?! I would be happy!” My husband then proceeds to say, “What if we had to move?” Because I’m as supportive as I am, I responded, “well where are we moving?” My husband says, “Johnson City, Tennessee!” And this, my friends, was our first move! I was excited, nervous, and overwhelmed.

Can you imagine?! Moving to a different city, with no friends or family?! The first move was the toughest move we have made thus far. It was rough! There is no other way to put it! I cried often and wished that we could just go back home (to Nashville), but this was not an option because I had made a vow to help my husband manifest his dreams into a reality! How crazy was I, to have agreed to this? Although I did not have a lavish career, it was mine! I had worked hard to get to where I was and I had to put it on hold so my husband could pursue his dream job. During this time, I became a ‘professional gummy bear opener’. Please don’t get me wrong, everything I did was out of love, trust and commitment to the journey; although it did not always feel like it at the time.

Ooooo I cried! I cried because I felt as though my husband’s dream was taking off. Johnson City was great! The people were great, the other wives and other coaches were great as well. I worked at a great school with great people. Yet, I was empty. I found myself telling my husband I wanted to go home, often. Everything was about the advancement of my husband and his career. I have amazing friends and they did a great job lifting my spirits, but I wanted to be home. To outsiders, the Collins family was intact because I wouldn’t have it any other way......... To Be continue.

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