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Vanessa's waiting on that phone call...... That "We made it safe," phone call. Basketball wives, you know what I'm talking about! That call your husband makes while traveling, when he says, "Hey babe! What are you guys doing?" "Where are the kids?" "How was your day?" "Ok, well I'll call you when we finish shoot around/practice." We all know that call. We just know it's coming! The day will come when Vanessa is tired and feels she can't go on anymore. Kobe will come to her, in her dream and say, "We're ok.... we made it to shoot around!"

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  • keya Collins

Updated: Feb 3

  1. Wine (Lot's of it!) or your drink of choice.

  2. Coach's wives (They are in this with you!)

a. Once a month outings (hard one due to Covid right now)

b. Watch party's (get snack's and watch the game with one another)

c. They also help keep up with events going on (husbands forget).

3. Get Involved with team activities (the season is long and only will get longer if you are not involved).

a. If your husband invites you go!

b. Feed the team (send snacks/goodies or have them over for dinner).

c. Most important go to the games.

4. Babysitter (When hubby's off take advantage of it!)

5. Find activities (keep busy)

6. Carry Cash (Parking attendants only take cash)

7. Take an Immune Booster (Elderberry or juicing (lemon, ginger, honey, sprinkled with cayenne pepper). You are around many people during games protect you and your child(ren) immune system.

8. Pamper Yourself (Taking care of everyone else's needs will leave you exhausted)

9. Make sure you leave early enough to find parking ( I get anxious especially in new surroundings).

10. Friends

a.The keep you humble

b. They plan trips to help you escape

c. Shoulder to cry on when life hits.

11.Most importantly be your husbands biggest fan supporter!

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