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You and I

If your husband received a coaching offer today and wanted to take it. Are you the wife that asks “When do we move?”, or are you the wife that wants to carefully consider all your options before you let your husband accept the offer? To some wives this is a no brainer, but to other wives this is not such an easy decision. No doubt the first move you make being a coach’s wife is always the hardest. I’m not saying that any move is easier than the next, but eventually you get used to it and create a system for yourself.

Here is the deal, when I met my husband I knew what I was getting myself into. Or at least I thought I knew what I was getting myself into. Let me explain. I knew my husband’s love for basketball, I knew he wanted to be a head coach of a D1 basketball program. I did not know that we would have to move around the world in order for him to achieve this dream. From day one I sat in the gym watching him coach AAU girl’s basketball, attended games at the start of his career when he was just a Graduate Assistant, and even being down with moving to Johnson City, Tennessee when he received his first major job offer.

It has never been a question on supporting my husband and his career, even when it involved putting my career on hold to support his dream. I have learned, however, that not all wives are like me. Some wives are dedicated to their careers and are driven by their jobs. Moving requires a significant amount of consideration for them. I have come to realize that with coaching, one great job offer leads to better offers that can land you where you want to be in this business. The down fall of this business is that declining one offer could mean that you are not considered for others, maybe career changing ones.

So hypothetically speaking, if your husband received a coaching job offer today are you ready to move? And could your decision not to support his move lead to a life of resentment on his behalf? There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. This decision is one that can only be made by two people who were put together to conquer a journey.

“We can conquer the world you and I, you and I, you and I……..”

Stevie Wonder

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