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Sniper Season

Sniper: A person who shoots from a hiding place, especially accurate at long range (Oxford dictionary)

Sniper season is a season where no individual is off limits, a season where one word, one phrase, or statement can distract you. Anyone can snipe you from enemies, friends & family, all the way to teachers, it’s best to try and not let your guard down.

These words, phrases, and statements will cause distraction in your ability to perform tasks or achieve goals. They may have you thinking you are not good enough. They can even have you doubting loved or trusted ones. Sometimes your loved ones can snipe you unintentionally and may not realize what they’ve done.

Examples of ways you are being sniped or sniping.

“Yo! Why your coach not playing you?

“You sure you want to start that business a lot people are doing that?

“Girl you sure getting thick, you pregnant?”

“You would kill if you transferred.”

Its human nature to think that the individuals you chose to be in your inner circle or family want the best for you. And it is not an unrealistic expectation. Because reality is that most people that are the closest to you don’t know what the best decisions are for your life. And don’t understand what to say to encourage you on a higher level. Its ok to have input on major life decisions, but the ultimate decision maker is you.

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