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Coaches Wives Club

Q: Is there a coaches’ wives club?

A: Yes, in my eyes there is! Q: Whom does it consist of?

A: Wives that hold each other accountable, positive thinkers, celebrators, ones who cry with you without dwelling on your feelings, and those who tell you the truth with love.

From head coach wives to the assistant coaches' wives no one is off-limits for this club. The only thing this club doesn’t do is drama, you save that for yo mama.

My tribe of women comes from all over and what’s even better is that we found each other. There are no rankings or hierarchy we just support each other as needed. Plus, open communication, building trust, and finding common goals have made our relationships strong. And in a community where everyone is trying to build connections having people you can trust is key. Especially since these connections help move your husband through his career, you’ll need bonds that aren’t forced or transactional.

Another good thing about the “club” is that we all understand that business can get BUSY. So, it’s good to have a support group that knows you’re not going to be able to talk every day. We’re always rooting for each other whether we are close or distant. And we all know not to take it personally if we can’t connect or get together. The understanding is that I want you to succeed just as much as my own family. Life is too short and the only people who understand my life are other coaches’ wives.

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