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The Roller Coaster Ride

Lissssen! I’ve explained once before that I’ve never doubted my Husband’s journey to the top, but I have thought about getting off this roller coaster more times than I can count! If you’re the wife of a coach and have never had that piercing thought, Kudos to you! Let me start by saying; my Husband’s grind is unmatched and that is something I’ve loved about him, from the beginning! Even now, I am still in admiration of him and his grind!

Coaching can be draining for not only the Coach, but for the entire family. From practices, games, recruiting trips, film, never ending phone calls, etc. I’m sure you’re thinking “that’s not something the entire family is involved in”, but trust me! We’re involved. Recruiting trips sometimes run from mid-week, until the top of the following week. This means that the Coach is on the road and away from his family. Guess what this means for his Wife?? She is home tending to the kids and praying no one gets sick or hurt while Daddy is away. By the time he returns home, he’s exhausted from traveling, Mom is tired from nonstop going with kids, and the kids; well they are just happy Daddy’s home. Let’s not forget phone call season! This is when the phone is constantly glued to the Coach’s ear, while you are trying to get him to be engaged in what you have going on. This is also when he unsuccessfully attempts to multitask and causes you to say “just forget it!”

There are times when my husband has received phone calls, in the middle of the night, regarding the players. Of course, he has to immediately step in to resolve the issue. There has also always been large and small papers laying around the house; which contains plays. This has been the norm ever since our dating phase. If I decide to put them away, I better know where they are, when he needs them! And I DARE NOT throw them away! Talk about all hell breaking loose! Coaching is when your husband says, “Babe, can you cook something tonight? The players are coming over to watch the game”, and you have to drop everything to make a quick grocery store run. Coaching is when you are at dinner and your husband swears that the nineteenth call he receives, is “the most important call”. My husband has driven across States, for players that he was not sure would work out, just to prove his abilities to the Head Coach. He’s solved problems with players that his Head Coach had zero knowledge of. He’s attended every Final Four since becoming a Coach; just for networking purposes.

The grind has never stopped and it has been both exhausting and exhilarating. I love what coaching has brought to our family and I especially love seeing my Husband get rewarded for his hard work!

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