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The Break Up

I have a short and kinda funny story… no one knows this, but my husband and I called it quits while at Cumberland University. I will not discuss the details of what drove us to that point because it’s technically still up for debate. Let’s just say, I felt like he was being disrespectful and I Was Not Having IT! As a response to his actions, I packed all his ish up; that he had at my house, and told him he could go! From what I remember, this spat went on for about two weeks. After the second week, I called him and asked, “What are we doing?!” That one question changed things! And let’s just say, the rest is History!

Nothing about our relationship was ever toxic; not even us calling it quits. As women, we are often willing to sacrifice everything due to lack of communication. I experienced it in my past and I refused to deal with it again.

“Communication eliminates confusion!”

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