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Room 155

“I’m sooo glad, I went to TSU,” is our theme song. The screeching of tennis shoes on a hardwood gym floor has been our life for 10 plus years. It all started with my husband being a G.A. (Graduate Assistant) at The Tennessee State University (TSU). My nickname to him was room 155, because he did not know me. Coach Penny would come out the coaches office everyday around the time I had class, to sneakily see me. I would stand, waiting for class to start paying no attention. Our first real encounter was at a friend’s birthday dinner and I thought he was kinda funny. The day after the dinner, we ran into each other shopping and that was when we exchanged numbers. We would occasionally speak on the phone, but it was nothing serious; until one day, he had built up enough courage to ask me to lunch (side note: he didn’t eat any of his food). From there, we of course, dated a couple of years and the rest was History (our son’s name). Room 155 is where it all began, and that room now sits across from my husband’s Head Coaching office at The Tennessee State University where our son runs around on the court.

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