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Recruiting Etiquette

Being an Athlete and being recruited by top tier schools, is an honor; however, the reality should be that being recruited by ANY school should be an honor to any Athlete…regardless of the eliteness of the program. “Why”, you ask? Well let me make it clear! That school you may have had zero desire to attend, may end up becoming your only option.

As an Athlete, be grateful for all of your options because there are Athletes who would love to be in your position. When college coaches show interest, acknowledge them even if you lack interest initially. Allow them the opportunity to speak with you and entice you with the benefits their program offers. In the event you see no potential or promise through the conversation, it is ok to be upfront and honest, yet respectful. It is okay to take all of your visits because it costs nothing to weigh all of your options, before committing. You are in total control of your recruiting so at any time you’re uninterested, you can say that.

As an Athlete, you must be accessible…Answer the phone! Not only should you answer, but engage with the Coach that you’re speaking with. Avoid short or one word responses. If it’s not a good time, express that. Never ghost a Coach! It’s rude and disrespectful. Also keep in mind that the very program that you’ve ghosted, may end up being the one that you call to seek acceptance.

Weigh your options. The bigger school may sound great, but may not be a fit for you. Gain clarity on any unanswered questions you may have and be cautious of outside influencers who attempt to assist you with making your final decisions. Have they ever been in your shoes? Are they trying to gain something for themselves? Are they the appropriate person to advise you on this decision? At the end of the day, you are the person who has to live with your decision.

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