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“Namaste,” say it with me and all your troubles will disappear. Ha! Don’t we wish it was that easy. As a parent and spouse we’ve all accepted the fact we’re not perfect. But does that make life any less stressful. As a coach’s wife, I am hit daily with balancing my life plus two other humans. One being my husband and the second being my 8-year old son. From the, “Babe can you?” To the “Mommy where is my?” O! Don’t I wish I could, “Namaste,” and boom it’s fixed. But that is okay, I can’t fix my life, but I’m going to Iyanla Vansant fix your life. No, I’m not, but just maybe I can give you some tips that has helped my anxiety.

I have come to realize that nothing or no one can come before you. If you don’t take care of you than who will. Face it if you can not be your best you, then how can you be your best you for your family. I know you are reading this asking, “ How do I do that?” “I can’t even go to the bathroom alone.” “Namaste,” 1. Never feel bad about saying no 2. Plan out activities and daily chores(make a list). 3. It’s okay to just go with the flow. Using myself as an example I used to pride myself on everything being perfect. So perfect that I would drive myself crazy. I would have all this built up anxiety that I would run around like a crazy person yelling for things to get done. The only person that was stressed and overwhelmed was me.

I quickly learned to be consistent with asking my husband to tell me things in advance ( don’t flatter yourself he still hasn’t learned). “Namaste”, also, I’ve taught myself to plan out when my son has activities at school, games on the weekend, or just extra anything going on. Through the week I get as much washing and cleaning done as possible. Does it always work out as planned? Heck no! That’s why I have taught myself no matter how much it drives me crazy just leave it. Does it make my anxiety any less? Nope! But I feel like I have better control over my life when I can talk myself through. Yes, my anxiety is always at an all time high when I have things going on. That is when I stop and go through my list of things and start checking things off so I can feel accomplished. And it helps with the anxiety. “Namaste.”

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