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You’re going to Need Wine For This!

What goes into a move? Your heart, your soul, your mind, your peace, and your physical well being are all a factor, when deciding to make a move. A move within your same city is overly exhausting, but moving across cities, states, or even countries is a feeling indescribable. You may be excited for the change, but extremely afraid of the unknown.

Sometimes, you don’t get the opportunity to digest the move before it happens. We’ve accepted a job in July and had to move by the end of July or first of August. Not to mention, we were moving ACROSS THE COUNTRY! We had no time to process it, mentally. I’m sure you’re thinking, “How much time do you need?” Consider this…you have to get estimates (getting 3 moving estimates is sometimes required), and also have to look for a safe neighborhood, and schools. Also consider having movers and still having to organize and purge items that are not needed; while still maintaining your day to day chores and errands.

Moving Day…Moving day can be an all day process and usually the Coach is not involved. He may have already made it to the city or state you’re moving to, or tying up loose ends in the current location. Either way, moving day is left up to you to make sure everything makes it on the truck and to the final destination. When moving day comes, you have to make sure you have a suitcase packed for every person in the house because once your belongings go on the moving truck and head to the new location, you may still be at the previous residence a few extra days. Making sure the movers will not take anything that does not belong on the truck. You are also solely responsible for deciding whether to arrange a cleaning service or do the final cleaning yourself. It is exhausting!

Arriving in your new place...This is a different ball game! You have to make sure you are there to meet the movers, to make sure you have the keys and that electricity is on at the new place. As the movers unload the truck, you’re there to guide them and make sure each box makes it to the appropriate room. There is nothing worse than items ending up in the wrong space and having to drag a box all over the house. Once the movers leave, it’s time for you to add your cleaning touch to the house; which usually results in an all day process and leaving boxes untouched. This is why that packed suitcase is essential. When it’s time to unpack, the kitchen and the kid’s room are typically the first to be completed. “Why?” you ask? Because you need dishes and pots to cook, to avoid continuously eating out. Additionally, because unpacking the kid’s room gets them out of your hair for a minute. The rest of the house is next, but some things may never get unpacked.

Settling in is another part of the moving process. During the settling phase, it’s also time to register kids for the school, to find a doctor, dentist, and find extracurricular activities for the kids. This also comes with meeting the players and the families of the other coaches. Sometimes other wives can give you recommendations for reputable doctors and dentists, but there is nothing like doing your own research. Once you’ve checked these tasks off of your list, you can now settle into your new life until your next move.

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