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The Blue Print

It’s that time of year, parents! The time where your athletes are narrowing down their college options. There are so many things to take in consideration during this time in their life: one being that your athlete has their dream school that they want to attend. As the parent, have you considered asking your athlete to make a list of things they are looking for in a sports program? Things that they are looking for in a coach? Things they are looking for in a school? Most importantly, have they be given a full athletic scholarship?

As a parent, the most important thing you can do for your athlete is be supportive and realistic. When your athlete is making their list and checking it twice, be sure to ask specific questions like: “Are they offering you a full scholarship?”, “How interested is that school?”, “Have you only spoken with assistant coaches or have you spoken with the head coach as well?”, “Do they offer the type of degree you’re perusing?”, “How many teammates play your same position?”, “Are you coming in as a back up?”, and “Do you see yourself at the school long term?” All these questions, and more, play a major part in your child attending any school. Some times it’s better to start at a smaller school and work your way up. A smaller school may also be the better option for your athlete. As parents, our task is to be the silencer of outside noise: Peers and outside influencers can impact your athletes decision for their own journey.

Remember, finding the school that best fits your child’s future will help eliminate transferring in the future. Don’t get me wrong, coaching staff changes happen, life circumstances also happen; however, don’t allow your child to be a walk on at Duke, if choosing a smaller school with a full paid athletic scholarship was the better option. JA Morant, Steph Curry, Rob Covington all came from mid-major D1 programs and are having great success in the NBA; if the NBA is in your child’s future. JA Morant was so impressive that he had NBA scouts and former NBA players watching him in Evansville, Indiana OVC conference tournament. Talent speaks for itself!

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