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Take The Trip

The hardest thing to do as a Coach’s family is to plan a getaway! This is why most wives plan activities when the team has tournaments out of town or road trips. As mothers, we take full advantage of planning activities for the kids and if we can fit a trip in around the Coach’s scouting trips or the physical on court season; we have performed a magic trick.

Get this!!! A couple months ago, at the last minute, my husband and I decided to take our son on a mini trip to Atlanta. Yes, we’ve been to Atlanta a thousand times, but this time it was different. One, because Covid makes everything different; two, because I actually took the short time we had and found things to do; three, it was just nice to do something other than our regular routined activities.

No matter how many times you have gone to that city or how lame it may seem going there over and over; just take the trip! Make plans to experience something different. See it from the lens of your kid and not from your adult lens. Whether it’s a two day trip or a week long trip, just take the trip! When you are looking to enjoy a mini vacay, anything goes. As many times as I have been to Atlanta, it has always been to hang with my friends; not to sightsee. On my family trip, we did just that! And with the help of my dear friend; who pretty much told me where to go and what to eat, we made the best of our short stay. Did you know that Atlanta has Medieval Times? Yes, it’s exactly what you imagine and they serve you a 3 course meal! My son enjoyed every minute of it! Sooooo, let’s stop questioning whether we should do it or not and just take the trip!!!!

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