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Rules Are Made To Be Broken!

The biggest obstacle, being a coaching family, is moving. Not just the move itself, but everything that contributes to that process: you have to find new EVERYTHING! A new Dentist, new Physician, new hairstylist and more. I’ve recently decided to grow out my super cute, super chic and super short pixie cut . I was absolutely in love with it, but I decided that I wanted something different. Maintaining my (and my son’s) hair, has never been a struggle for me; this has been routine for years. Well, the pandemic hit and I decided that my new go-to style would be knotless braids. I had it all figured out! I would go to the same girl who had braided my hair in the past…so I thought.

So check it…my braider and I are making moves and keeping my hair tamed, when she decides she’s going to get pregnant! No problem right?! Wrong!!! HUGE problem because she eventually has to have the baby. Not only will she have to deliver, but she’ll also have to go on maternity leave! “Cool, no problem”, you say? Wrong again!! It was a huge problem because my roots started growing out while she’s on maternity leave, and I’m walking around with my head looking like a Chia Pet!

While my braider is out, I get the bright idea to find someone to hold me over, until she returns!

What was I thinking?! As I’m searching, I quickly realize that each braider has a long list of rules. They want you to come with your hair washed, blow dried and product free. One braider even had the audacity to state that “it must be blown out from the roots and must be tangle free or I will charge extra if I have to go back through it”! Keep in mind I’m natural, so my hair is tangled the minute I stop blow drying. Each braider also expects the client to pay a deposit to secure the appointment. “Make your appointment and send a deposit via CashApp. Text me your name once you’ve sent the deposit” is another rule directly from a braider’s site. Not to mention, the prices may or may not include the hair. Some aren’t even licensed, yet they are charging salon prices. Let me be clear, I don’t care if they are licensed or not! I just expect a professional experience and a finished product that is worth the price. What I am not a fan of is having to wash and blow dry my hair, to your standard! As a “stylist”, that should be your job. Instead, you’re requiring me to pay a deposit for me using MY shampoo, conditioner and blow dryer; while also paying you $200 or more to possibly be sitting in your kitchen or living room with your kids, husband, and whoever else is coming in and out. I’m sorry, but make it make sense! I’m not knocking anyone’s hussle, but I can only handle three good rules. Like my girl Cochea says, “small deposit, no extra people, and be on time”. Anything outside of that, I have nothing for you.

Customer service is the support offered to customers before and after their service. In this day and age, customer service has fallen by the wayside. Stylist want you to read their list of rules, while they provide little to no communication. The moment you ask more than three questions, they will ghost you. As a business person, always remember that customer service is essential to your brand and people will always remember how you treat them.

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Jul 17, 2021

Great read! This is a conversation that we must keep going!


Donnie Malone
Donnie Malone
Jul 15, 2021

Good morning read. Definitely, kept me nodding my head..

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