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It’s pressure knowing that a losing season rides on your husband’s shoulders. It’s pressure knowing that a losing season may be the loss of jobs for coaches, who depend on your husband. It’s also pressure knowing that the other wives and children are depending on your husband to produce a winning season. Let’s be clear; no one ever speaks on or recognizes the pressure you feel, as a Head Coach’s wife.

Being the Head Coach’s wife, is probably the most anxiety filled position there is to have. There is the pressure of always feeling the need to be on. If you have a bad day or simply not in the mood to shake hands and kiss babies; you’re labeled the unapproachable wife. There is also the pressure of making sure your family looks the part. It’s easy to say, “You shouldn’t care what people think”, but it’s a different story when you receive a bad rep for not being on your A-game. People never consider what may have happened right before their brief interaction with you. Nor do they factor in all of the pleasant vibes you’d given on other occasions. It’s just that “one time that counts” to them. There’s also the pressure of being at an event, the one time that you’re not put together and your child has on play clothes, and media insists on taking a picture of you. That’s a moment you’re forced to relive over and over again. This wife position applies pressure…lots of pressure.

There is pressure in knowing your husband wants his time, your child(ren) want their time, and you definitely need your time, but it’s on you to figure out how to squeeze it all in. Oh! And what about the last minute requests that your husband sprung on you?! As if your life is already full of pressure, you now have to make sure your house is in tact, for the event you have to host! Uggggh! The pressure!

It’s pressure in knowing you’re the home away from home for the players. Yes, you enjoy being with them and loving on them, but it’s pressure in knowing that you may not make mama’s Mac n cheese or grandmas sweet potato pie, how they like it. The pressure doesn’t come from not being able to fulfill the assignment: being able to handle the things that come at you, with style and grace is HEAVY PRESSURE.

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