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Home is Where the Heart Is

You can either find me in the Gentry Center or another Arena, cheering my boys on, every Thursday and Saturday. The excitement and support I show at practice, is the same energy I have when they run out to the floor on game day. I get butterflies before the season begins and every game throughout the season! My ultimate desire is for them to do well and to be successful on and off the court. They are like my kids; when one is hurting, I need to know what’s wrong. When they are sick, I pack them a care package filled with medicine, soup, and juice. That’s just how I roll about mine. Yes, they could receive medications from their trainer, but there is nothing like a mother’s touch to help cure a cold. I do not have to go to the existent that I do, but as a mother, I am a nurturer first. Consider me their Mom away from home!

It’s the laughter, the constant chatter and joking, the hard work and dedication on and off the floor; that brings me so much joy. Graduating high school and leaving home to attend college, is a big step in a player’s life. Once they step on campus, it immediately becomes their home away from home. Their Coaches and fellow Athletes become their family.

As the Coach’s Wife, it is my pleasure to be their home away from home. Being there to provide care, comfort and safety, brings me great joy! I enjoy preparing team meals and watching their faces light up as they walk into the house. They treat my kid as if he is their own little brother. A lot of weight rides on their shoulders and as a mother, it tugs on my heart strings when the fans are dishing out their commentary. I’m a Mama Bear, so I immediately want to protect my Cubs.

To my Boys…You all may not hear it often, but please know that I am proud of your accomplishments. At times, I know Coach is hard on you all, but I always have your back. It is always comforting for me, to watch you all eat and enjoy yourselves, while being piled in our home. As a Mom, it puts me at ease knowing that you are at my home, safe and out of harms way. I live for the days when you all come raid the snack closet and pack as much food as your arms can carry. For as long as you will allow me to be, I will always be your home away from home.

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