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Coach’s Kid

I’m not sure if you know this yet, but you have a unique lifestyle kid: One that is not like your peers. Your lifestyle can be fun, challenging, and spontaneous. You’ll be afforded experiences that money can’t buy. I hope that you find pride in your father’s/mother’s coaching decision. I know this will get harder as you grow older, as you will begin to experience the uncertainties of your family’s next move. You will have to decide between attending the game or going out with friends. Life’s lessons will come with wins and losses, that your friends won’t understand; and you may have difficulty explaining it to them.

Your parents will try to give you the best road life; from hotel stays where you can bounce from bed to bed without consequences, to planned tourist attractions where you can explore and eat a variety of foods, to bonding with the team and running through the hotel with the players and the other coaches families. The coach will be as much apart of this experience as he/she possibly can, but at times it may not feel like enough. Just remember, he/she is doing the best he/she can to balance it all. Also remember that without them, there are no experiences or adventures. The endless nights and countless hours the coach puts into writing plays to win games and championship, are worth it. Your life is different from other kids and it is one endless memory that you’ll be able to tell your kids and grandkids, in the future.

There will be times when the seasons are up and times they are down and you’ll feel and remember it all! Your memories will not be because your father/mother wanted you to remember, but because you’re human and have your own interpretation of things. Remember, as a coach’s kid, your life is one big adventure, so take it easy on the coach! He/she loves you and just want to know they are doing the best by their “Coach’s Kid”!

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